I’ve been turning to Tracy for many years now when I need cosmic clarity and she’s never failed to illuminate the path for me. Tracy manages to deliver strong technical knowledge about tarot and numerology with grace and confidence. She packs a gentle punch and her connection to the cosmos feels tangible; she’s simply in tune with you and with the invisible world around you.
— -I. Linares, New York, NY
Tracy is a natural teacher and extremely knowledgeable. Her thoughtful and supportive approach helped everyone, from total beginners like me to the experienced, learn something new and feel comfortable participating in our Tarot class. Tracy really sees her students and goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome in a group setting. I walked away from her 6 session Tarot course with a full notebook and the ability to read the Tarot myself. 
With the internet today we have so many choices of who to work with to gain this kind of knowledge and because of that, I value authenticity and character above all. Tracy is someone who not only embodies these characteristics, but truly leads her life by personal example. She cares about her students and making genuine connections. Her classes are affordable so that cost isn’t a hindrance. While clearly very gifted, she makes you feel that you too have valuable skills to share. I really admire how she appears to be fully and effortlessly herself in all situations and encourages her students to do the same.
Working with Tracy has been very inspiring, informative and tons of fun. I’d highly recommend her classes and services whether you’re here in Portland or want to work with her over Skype.
— A. Martignetti, Palo Alto, CA 
I have taken both Tarot Level I and Tarot Level II with Tracy and am eagerly awaiting the next level of practice in the Mystery school. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Along with offering useful learning tools she also helps you find your own voice and intuition when reading the cards. She is a fantastic teacher and mentor who truly cares about her students and Mysticism. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to start their journey into the Tarot and beyond.
— D. Savoie, Portland, OR
Tracy read my numbers and the readings hit the mark. They gave me insight at a time when I needed some introspection and a new point of view and set me off in a new and positive direction. Thanks, Tracy!
— J. Gearty, San Francisco, CA
My experience with Tracy was given to me as a gift for my Birthday, but it turned out to be much more. She was gentle, kind, thoughtful and insightful. She guided me through the process with a tenderness that made me feel open and receptive. As she spoke, I felt a physical openness that allowed me to wonder and accept what was being said and what may come. I carry the information with me and often look at what’s to come - so far, each and every prediction has come true. But, moreover, I have learned about myself and have been given the ability to grow from the inside out with her assistance in lighting the path.
— N. Wynnyk, San Francisco, CA
Tracy is down-to-earth, intuitive, and completely relatable. Her readings are insightful and spot on; and in hindsight, prove to be extremely accurate. I look forward to my next reading.
— M.V., Portland, OR